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Rental Qualifications

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Learn What It Takes to Apply for a Rental Property

If one of our rental properties interests you, please complete the rental application in a timely manner. Information about qualifications is found below.

In order for us to process your application quickly, please  note the following: 

You’ll find the application form linked to the available property on  our home screen. After filling out the application, you will be asked  to pay the application fee. You must pay the application fee with a  major credit card or come to the office to fill out a paper  application and pay via cash, check, or money order. Please note  that your application will not be processed until the application  fees are paid and all documentation is received. 

All adults aged 18 and older must submit their own application  and application fee. Make sure all parties are listed in the “Other  Occupants” section, so applications are matched correctly. Anyone that moves into the home that is 18 years or older, even if  he or she is not responsible for paying rent, must complete the  application process. Not complying with this will result in the  termination of your lease, and you will be required to vacate the  home or be evicted for not complying with the lease, which will go  on your permanent record. 

We must verify your income. The easiest way to do this is for you  to upload the information with your application, fax it to (941)  296-8580, or email to your two  most recent pay stubs to us. If that is not an option, make sure  your application includes the correct contact information for  someone who can verify your income (employer, customer). If  you have investments or some other method of income, we will 

arrange for proof of this income without infringing on your privacy. We want to ensure that the rent will be paid to the owners of the  homes that we manage, but you don’t have to provide personal  accounts that you are not comfortable providing. We will come up  with a solution. 

We must verify your rental history. Make sure you have already  given the notice to vacate to your current landlord. Many landlords  will not verify rental history until the resident has presented their  notice to vacate. Please provide accurate contact information for  all landlords for the past two years. We would prefer a landlord  where you vacated the property, so we know how you leave a  home once the lease is completed. 

Relax Realty Group’s Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers  savings and convenient, professional services that make taking  care of your home second nature. By applying, Applicant agrees  to be enrolled and to pay the applicable cost of $50month,  payable with rent. For additional information please visit  www.relaxrealtygroup/rbp 

Screening Policy

Occupancy Guidelines – The following occupancy standards  apply based on two persons per bedroom, plus one per home: 

  • Studio = One person or couple
  • One-Bedroom = Two Persons
  • Two-Bedroom = Four Persons
  • Three-Bedroom = Six Persons
  • Four-Bedroom = Eight Persons.

These occupancy standards do not apply to anyone protected  under the Federal Fair Housing Guidelines as they relate to  familial status. Familial status is defined as “one or more  individuals (who have not attained the age of 18 years) being  domiciled with a parent or another person having legal custody of  such individual or individuals; or the designee of such parent or  other person having such custody, with the written permission of  such parent or other person. The protections afforded against  discrimination on the basis of familial status shall apply to any  person who is pregnant or is in the process of securing legal  custody of any individual who has not attained the age of 18  years.” The landlord reserves the right, however, to limit  occupancy in unique situations due to the physical limitations of  the property (for example, limitation of the building’s sewer and  electrical systems) and state and local building codes that impose  their own set of minimum space requirements per occupant. 

Credit Check – We will request a credit report on all applicants to  verify creditworthiness. Credit checks are currently run through  Equifax. There is not a minimum credit score required; however,  you cannot have any prior evictions, prior landlord debt, or open  bankruptcies on your record. If you have a credit score of 600 or  above, you will be approved without any additional deposits  required. Applicants with a credit score under 600 or having no  credit at all may be required to pay additional deposits, and last  month’s rent will be due with lease signing. 

Criminal Background Check – A criminal background check will  be conducted for each applicant and occupants aged 18 years or  older. A felony conviction in the last two years for the illegal  manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance disqualifies  you from renting our homes. A felony criminal conviction relating  to violent acts, crimes of dishonesty or breach of trust, or matters 

of similar nature or severity in the last five years is cause for an  automatic denial of an application by the landlord. In addition to  the nature and severity of the conviction, the landlord will consider  factors including, without limitation, the amount of time that has  passed since the relevant conviction and whether such conviction  could reasonably be deemed to be indicative of potential risk to  safety and/or property. Registered sex offenders that served jail/ prison time will be disqualified from renting our homes.  Misdemeanors are not a reason for denial of the application at all. 

Income – Applicants must provide proof of verifiable gross  household monthly income. Total rent payment per month cannot  be more than 33% of the applicants’ combined gross monthly  income. 

Please note: Conditional approval may be granted to applicants in  which the total rent payment per month is between 34% and 45%  of the applicants’ combined gross monthly income. Conditionally  approved applicants may be required to pay additional deposits or  advanced rent to reserve a property. 

Rental History – You must have good rental history. We will need  the contact information of your last two landlords. If you do not  have contact information for him or her, you can provide the  landlord before that one. Proof of rental payments does not apply  to applicants who owned their own home for the six months prior  to the lease term. 

Pets/Animals – You are required to disclose in your application  all pets that will reside in the property. The maximum number of  pets allowed is two, and each pet will be approved on a case-by case basis. Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Cane Corsos, Chows 

Chows, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Huskies,  Mastiffs, Pit Bulls, Pinschers, Presa Canarios, Ridgebacks,  Rottweilers, St. Bernards, Terriers, Wolf hybrids, and all breeds /  mixed breeds of these animals are not permitted on any  premises. The landlord retains the right to restrict other breeds or  specific animals at its sole discretion. 

Pets are subject to a one-time deposit per pet due at move-in,  except as prohibited by law. Tenants are required to purchase a  liability policy for all dogs and present the declaration page prior  to lease signing. No puppies or breeding of any animal is  prohibited. The pet deposit does not apply to service animals* or  for small caged animals. (*A service animal is any animal that  assists a person with a physical or mental impairment. A service  animal is not a pet.). All pets must be screened by 

A tenant may not keep more than one 30-gallon or larger  aquarium in the home. 

Applicants may be asked to provide a photograph and veterinary  records showing that vaccinations are current for each pet.  Resident(s) will abide by the rules and regulations of any  applicable Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and/or local  ordinances as it relates to pet and breed restrictions. 

Smoking Policy – Smoking is strictly prohibited inside any unit.  You will be asked to vacate and will be violating the lease if you  smoke anywhere on the property.

Automatic Declines

Final decisions on all applications are based on standard criteria  set by the landlord, including rental and credit history, ability to  pay rent, and background check results. Applicants will be  automatically denied for any of the following: 

  • Prior evictions within seven years of applicationIdentity cannot be verified
  • Income cannot be verified
  • Open bankruptcies
  • Total rent payment per month is more than 46% of the applicants’ combined verifiable gross monthly incomeAny landlord collection in the past five years
  • Overdue debt of $10,000 or more, including balances on outstanding civil judgments (does not include student loans or medical bills/debt) 
  • A felony conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance in the last two years
  • Misrepresentation(s) or falsifications of application

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